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Studio Rebecca was created from a hobby, a hobby that Rebecca decided to take up during the Coronavirus lockdown. Phil decided to turn this hobby into a business, and thus Studio Rebecca was born.

Starting off with hand coloured designs on prints, to show our support for the dedication and hard work of the NHS during the pandemic, Studio Rebecca has grown and now offers T-Shirts, Mugs, and other gifts.

Some of the designs on our site are of course our Hand Coloured designs, modified slightly to adapt to the product, the originals may come up for sale sometime in the future, but get in touch if you would be interested!

Other designs on our site come from other sources, and are all free for commercial use, although we may have modified them slightly so that they suit our vision.

The Future.....
As we write this, the world is in a state of emergency, with the Coronavirus affecting the whole world, and countries on lockdown. We hope that once we eventually reach the other side, and return to some sort of normality, that we will be able to begin offering our products, and showing them off all across the country! Get in touch if you would like us to come to your town, these visits will of course come with some special items on available at the event, along with some extra special offers!
We are always open to new ideas, or if you have any designs you would like us to add the Studio Rebecca touch to, then let us know!